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Automatic solid fuel boilers


Automatic solid fuel boiler VIADRUS A3C

Automatic cast-iron boiler burning soft coal or wooden pellets with internet remote control. Meets emission class 5 and "Ecodesign".


6,9–35 kW


soft coal, wooden pellets


- Complies with the emission class 5 according to EN 303-5 for wooden pellets
- Complies with the emission class 4 according to EN 303-5 for soft coal 
- Efficiency up to 93.3 %
- Quality cast-iron heat exchanger with optional sections volume
- Automatic fuel supply
- With the control unit Climatix WEB possibility of remote control
- Control with a clear text menu
- Possible custom change of hopper placement from right to left side 
- Qualifies for "Ecodesign"


The only Czech cast-iron automatic boiler that meets the "Eco-Design"!
Available for orders from 1. 11. 2016.

Automatic boiler VIADRUS A3C uses a cast-iron heat exchanger. Its design is based on the legendary boiler Hercules U26. The boiler can burn soft coal or wooden pellets or it is possible to alternate them. VIADRUS A3C is equipped with a control unit Siemens Climatix Standard or optionally WEB version, which allows to control the boiler via the internet. There are two sizes of fuel hopper available, while with the larger one can the boiler run almost three days using a soft coal. Thanks to the high efficiency is boiler certified in emission class 5 and qualifies for "Ecodesign".

Nejlepší kotel Infothermy 2017

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