Automatic solid fuel boilers



Automatic solid fuel boiler VIADRUS A0C-LP

Automatic boiler for wood pellets. It is designed for economical and ecological heating with minimal boiler operating requirements. Optional control over the Internet is available.


5 ~ 32 kW


wooden pellets


- long life of the cast-iron boiler body
- optional huge pellet hopper
- efficiency up to 90.5 %
- meets the emission class 5 according to EN 303-5 standards
- optional change of door opening direction
- optional remote control over the internet
- optionally supplied assembled or unassembled
- reasonable price and high quality


Wood pellets boiler VIADRUS A0C is an automatic boiler available in several sizes - 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8 sections. Its important advantage is extraordinary high efficiency up to 90.5 % and automatic ignition as well. The boiler can be shipped with an optional 300 litres hopper. Exchanger of A0C is based on the proven boiler Hercules U22 and guarantees high durability and faultless operation of the boiler.

Optional change of door opening direction by purchasing door with an opposite hinge:

A0C_náhradní_hořáková_dvířka.png           dvířka A0C - levopravá.png

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