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Cast-iron radiators



The Kalor radiators are the most popular variants of classic cast-iron heating units. This type could be used without problems also as replacements or supplements of heating units during reconstructions of older heating systems.


53.8 ~ 149.7 W/section


- almost unlimited service life
- standard batteries with a 20-year guarantee
- classic design and the side bottom connection and compatible integrated valve
- easy to clean and hygienic operation (Kalor)
- variable heating output
- assembly with final coating in RAL tones upon request
- possibility of additional output change
- possible radiator sections with an integrated valve to side or bottom connection
- variable fixations


Kalor radiators are the most classic common type of cast-iron radiators. It is very easy to use them for replacement or add-on in case of heating system reconstruction. The size, connection spacing, shape – all is the same as the years before. It works in natural and forced circulation heating systems - depending on pipe sizing and thermostatic valve use. Standard production is in ten-pieces blocks with white color water-based paint. It is possible to deliver blocks in size and color as per customer‘s request. This model is compatible with integrated thermostatic valve (ITV) with bottom water connection. Special "industrial" look can be reached using clear coating on untouched or sandblasted cast-iron surface.

Kalor-Pražský hrad.jpg
Pražský hrad
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