Obchodní firma, Prešov
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Prodejna Elektroplyn Lukov
Prodejna Elektroplyn Lukov

Wall-hung gas condensig boiler VIADRUS K4 H


5 - 24 (6,5 - 33) kW


Natural gas, propane


- efficiency up to 105 %
- quiet running
- low weight
- 6 years warranty
- simple operation
- a wide range of modulation
- connectivity equitherm sensor
- easy installation and service
- frost protection
- low energy pump with PWM control (Honeywell version)
- 4 color variations: red, silver, white and black
- Available in three variants: K4G1 (no DHW / heating only), K4G2 (with flow DHW heating) and K4G3 (sale only in the set with an external water heater or just for heating with three way valve)

VIADRUS K4 belongs to a series of wall-hung condensing boilers. The boiler exchanger is made of quality stainless steel. The boilers are delivered in 3 variants: for heating only without DHW preparation, with flow DHW heating and with a possibility to be connected to an external indirect heating storage tank.

Příloha č. 3 (2).jpg
Obchodní firma, Prešov
Prodejna Elektroplyn Lukov
Prodejna Elektroplyn Lukov

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