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New boilers are comming

We introduce two new automatic wood pellets cast-iron boilers based on proven VIADRUS quality solid fuel boilers. Find out details about our new A0C and A2C models. (...)

Invitation to Země živitelka Trade Fair

We invite you to visit our stand no. 102, which is located in an open area close to the main entrance of the exhibition center in České Budějovice. Don't forget to check details about our attractive exposition. (...)

Bank Accounts Change Announcement

Hereby we announce the change of our company bank accounts numbers. Please apply changes in your EIS. (...)

Cast-iron versus steel radiators comparison

There are rumors that a cast-iron radiator warms up much slower than the steel ones. Well, this is not true. The myth was busted by a thermographic camera that proved both of them warm up in the same time. The difference is only while cooling-down. Steel radiator is cold within 50 minutes, but cast-iron radiator keeps heat up to two hours! See the thermographic camera video on our Youtube channel. (...)

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