Hercules U26


12 ~ 72 kW


coke, hard coal, firewood


- firewood humidity up to 20%
- high corrosiion resistance
- five years boiler block quarantee
- high service life of the Czech made cast-iron exchanger
- water-cooled fixed grates
- easy operation and maintenance
- threaded flanges for easy installation
- possibility of additional output change
- boiler output based on sections number

Litinový kotel Hercules U26

Hercules U26 is designed for burning of coke, hard coal and firewood (wood briquettes) in the conventional burn-through process. It is very easy for operation and maintenance. Boilers can be used both for natural and forced circulation heating systems. The security device against overheating is obliged for closed heating systems. It is not necessary for opened heating systems. Boilers with eight sections and more are equipped with the second draft regulator in the rear part of the boiler.

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