G36 / G36 BM


12 ~ 49 kW (G 36), 12 ~ 70 kW (G 36 BM)


natural gas


- design 2017
- low purchase costs
- suitable for natural water circulation operation
- long service life of the exchanger
- high efficiency up to 92 %
- optional DHW storage tank of the boiler design and DHW priority (G36 only)
- simple operation and easy service
- single-stage gas valve with adjustable output
- reliability of control and safety components
- independence from electrical power network (G36 BM only)

The boilers of the G36 (design 2017) series are cast-iron boilers equipped with atmospheric burners and are suitable for heating systems with both natural and forced water circulation. The non electric version G 36 BM is suitable especially for areas without electricity or areas with unreliable power supplies while a possibility of using a room thermostat is maintained. This boiler is not for sale in EU.

G36 BM (Design 2017)

G36BM v. č. 25011_web.png

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