The longstanding tradition of our company dates back to 1888 and our experience in the foundry industry together with modern technologies provides the guarantee of a thorough processing, reliability, high quality warranty and lifetime of products of the VIADRUS brand. Our production is covered by the quality system EN ISO 9001 and ISO 14001. The cast iron solid fuel boilers, gas and oil boilers with cast-iron heat exchanger are the core products offered by VIADRUS.
The cast-iron solid fuel boilers with manual operation have been serving as a reliable source of cheap heat for several decades almost all over the world. The solid fuel boilers with automatic operation constitute a very modern and comfortable way of utilization of resources of fossil fuels. The VIADRUS brand offers also boilers for combined operation, biomass boilers and boilers that are subject to the strict environmental standards. The range of gas boilers includes floor-standing, wall-hung and high efficient condensing boilers. The cast-iron OEM heat exchangers and commercial castings made of grey iron, heat / wear-resistant steel, brass or bronze constitute a significant part of our production.
At the same time VIADRUS is one of the leading manufacturers of cast-iron radiators in classical, modern and retro design. VIADRUS also extended the portfolio of boilers and radiators by adding the desired range of new products – wood burning stoves and pellet stoves.
VIADRUS boilers and radiators belong to the best selling products of the heating industry in the Central Europe. They are successfully sold in more than 40 countries in the world and our aim is to increase the number of markets. We believe that the high quality of workmanship, long service life, favourable price of our products and good commercial conditions can be beneficial for you and your company.


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