Gas condensing boiler VIADRUS K5


4 - 20 kW


natural gas, propane


- efficiency up to 108.2 %
- built-in DHW tank with heating up to 14 minutes
- continuous modulation range
- automatic faults detection
- independent time programs settings for heating and DHW
- compatible with intelligent house Siemens Synco living
- equithermal regulation via optional equithermal sensor
- additional modules for management of other heating circuits
- ecodesign
- simple cascade connection
- output for solar system pump connection
- backup biomass boiler pump control
- can control up to 3 low-energy PWM circulation pump
- anti-frost protection

VIADRUS K5 is a modern wall mounted condensing boiler for heating and DHW preparation in the built-in 60-liter tank. The boiler is equipped by silumin exchanger and electronics control LMS by Siemens. This sophisticated control unit enables collaboration with alternative heat sources such as biomass boiler or the solar system and the simple connection of several boilers in cascade.

The boiler supports intelligent house system Siemens Synco living. It is a comprehensive home automation system with a wide range of devices. The system allows you to control your heating, ventilation and air conditioning units and easily turn on and off electrical appliances. The system also shows you which windows are open, tells you the current outdoor temperature, atmospheric pressure, and provides an easy and convenient way to control lights and blinds. Newly added additional features: simple display of data on consumption of heat, cold, cold and hot water, gas and electricity. Functional equipment Synco living had been extended for reading data on consumption and have them automatically sent to companies that perform cost allocation to individual users. The new feature brings a substantial increase convenience for owners and managers. Because the consumption data sent regular e-mail and are also accessible via the internet, it is no longer necessary to go into individual apartments.

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