The VIADRUS integrated management system policy


VIADRUS uses an integrated quality and environmental management system for production of boilers, radiators, heating products and cast-iron, steel and non ferrous metal castings. The company uses the quality management system for processing of metal scrap and for powder coating as well.

The objective of the company policy is to respect the interests of the customers and all interested parties in research and development, in production and sale of the whole VIADRUS product range and services, at the same time to continually improve a quality and to ensure and improve a protection of the living and work environment in accordance with the requirements of legal regulations and other requirements without exceeding the planned material, financial or human resources and potentials of VIADRUS.

In the quality management system (QMS) and the environment management system (EMS) area or the health and safety (H&S) area the management of VIADRUS wants to achieve the following objectives:

  • by the quality of supplies, organization and activities delivered by VIADRUS to convince and assure a customer that it is able to deliver products and provide services in the required quality, for a reasonable price, in the required quantity at the right time respecting the requirements of legal and other regulations,
  • to evaluate, on a continuous basis, the impacts of each of our products as well as of each new technology and business activity on the environment with respect to a creation of possible environmental impacts and risks and to avoid these risks on a precautionary basis,
  • prevent injuries and health damage, 
  • by maintaining and increasing the agreed quality and environmental level to expand the areas of business in the defined types of products in the interest territories.


In order to achieve these objectives the management of VIADRUS commits:

  • to inform the employees of VIADRUS about the importance of fulfilling the requirements of customers, requirements of legal and other regulations and requirements of internal regulations,
  • to maintain and develop certified quality management and environmental management systems in accordance with the requirements of the ČSN EN ISO 9001 and ČSN EN ISO14001 standards,
  • to ensure the necessary human, financial, information and other resources for maintaining and developing of the integrated quality management and environmental management system,
  • not to make any decisions or actions that could somehow act against the defined level of quality and satisfaction of the customers or could have negative impact on the environment,
  • to continuously monitor and evaluate the requirements of the customers by means of marketing survey and communication with the customers and the interested parties and to use these present as well as future requirements and the evaluation of the development trends for innovation of its products and services,
  • to seek effective and perspective forms of cooperation with other manufacturers, business entities, and subcontractors in order to expand our offer chain of customers and to strengthen the sustainable development of VIADRUS,
  • to support development of new products and technology,
  • to ensure safe and reliable operation of technology and equipment, to reduce the level of risk for technical and organizational procedures and operations and to create safe work conditions during management of all activities with the emphasis on protection of the employees and minimization of impact of the activities on the environment,
  • to use natural resources carefully, mainly by economic use of fuel and energy,
  • to continually reduce waste generated by its production activities respecting the objective level of advanced technology and the required production quality stability, 
  • to ensure continuous monitoring and reducing of air pollution and pollution of water sources caused by our production activities,
  • to appeal on our subcontractors and contractors for performing a higher level of environmental awareness and by controlled cooperation to act on increasing of their awareness with respect to quality and protection of the environment, 
  • by ongoing mutual communication with customers, authorities, and the public we will achieve better understanding of the VIADRUS behavior towards the environment,
  • improving of work environment, work safety and strengthening of positive approach of the VIADRUS employees to their work will be understood as part of the company culture,
  • to ensure all necessary trainings in the area of QMS and EMS (H&S) necessary for acquiring and maintaining the qualification of the employees,
  • to create among all co-workers bonds based on integrity, trust, cooperation and the necessary problem solving,
  • to further specify these objectives and commitments in form of specific quality objectives and environmental objectives or H&S objectives and subsequent tasks that will be reviewed regularly by the management within the framework of the QMS and EMS management review,
  • to continually increase the efficiency of the integrated quality and environmental management system by utilizing the integrated management system policy, the quality objectives and environmental objectives, audit results, data analysis, corrective and preventive measures and review of the integrated management system by the management of VIADRUS.


The VIADRUS management expects from its employees the following:

  • their identification with this integrated management system policy and active involvement in the implementation of the policy and quality objectives and environmental objectives as well as the H&S objectives,
  • compliance with all controlling acts describing the QMS and EMS (H&S),
  • active participation in training initiatives in the QMS and EMS (H&S) area,
  • active involvement in the continual improvement of their activities,
  • active involvement in the increase of the efficiency of QMS and EMS (H&S).
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