Foundry of steel and non-ferrous metals is important division of VIADRUS company. It produces commercial castings made of steel or grey iron in weight range 1-1000 kg and those made of non-ferrous metals in weight range 1-500kg. All of them both in mass or piece production. Our castings are suitable for various industrial branches such as metallurgical works, railways, surface and/or deep mining, mechanical engineering, etc. This foundry division has full background support of VIADRUS company. The production equipment was completely modernized in 2006 year.

We are ready to provide other services related to commercial castings production such as normalization, special heat treatment, proofing, machining.



Melting-house is equipped with single mid-frequence electric furnace with neutral lining (fire pot capacity 0,8 ton and 1,2 ton) for steel production and two gas furnaces with graphite fire pot (capacity 400kg) for non-ferrous metals production.

Mould production

Mould production is realized on jar ramming machines and by manual production. Moulding material is bentonite for castings up to 500 kg weight and water-glass based mixtures for heavier and more complicated castings. Moulding materials are prepared in edge-runner mixers.

Core production

Cores are produced manually from water-glass based mixtures with chemical hardening by carbon dioxide and from organic-binder mixtures with hardening by carbon dioxide and heat.


Castings are cleaned in shot blasting machine PTB 1200 and by grinding machines.

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