Echedo v interiéru / Echedo in living room

Wood burning stoves


Echedo Wood Burning Stove with Manual Loading

Modern stoves Echedo are at the top of current developments in this area. Characterized by high efficiency and using the latest technologies.


3 ~ 8 kW




  • Steel combustion chamber
  • High quality cast iron grate
  • Efficiency over 80 %
  • "Cold" door handle
  • Permanently clean glass thanks to an air wash system
  • Features modern technologies CWT, FLW and sophisticated system AAO
  • Custom replaceable decorative stones
  • Easy door adjustment
  • Easy-to-open space under the stove using a push-pull mechanism
  • 5-year warranty on firebox
  • Complies with EN 13240:A2, DIN +, 15a B-VG, BIm SchV 2


Echedo wood burning stove provides efficient and effective indoor zone heating with over 80% efficiency. The wood burning stove with blower features modern design elements like the stone finishing, stainless steel ash lip, chrome handle and selected solid cast iron components. It also features the latest technologies like CWT, FLW and AAO.

Echedo v interiéru / Echedo in living room

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CWT (Clean Wood Technology) - technology of clean wood burning
Unique wood combustion technology including utilizing of this energy invented by VIADRUS company. It features controlled and targeted combustion air distribution to zones important for efficient and as good as possible burning of emissions and prolonging the flue gas travel inside the combustion chamber leading to higher heat transfer to stove housing and to room itself.

FLW (Flue Gas Long Way System) - technology of slowing down the flue gas
System that provides maximum possible flue gas slow down in combustion chamber using labyrinth of defl ectors. This process increase heat transfer to stove housing and to room itself. This is another way how to incrase home comfort.

AAO (Airbox All-In-One) - optimal splitting of combustion air
Optimal splitting of combustion air to the most important parts of the stove - below the grate, through heated channels to glass itself, where guarantee permanently clean glass during the combustion. Very important is also air dosage to zones where can be changed toxic CO to CO harmless to human. This process is easy 2 to handle and comfortable thanks to single control „cold” lever.


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